Associate Professor, Economics DivisionCIDE, Mexico City.

3655, Carretera Mexico-Toluca 01210, Mexico City, Mexico

Phone: +52 555 727 9800UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_50a


I am an applied economic theorist with interest in uncertainty and information. My research focuses on the game theoretic applications to information transmission and networks.


Curriculum Vitae [pdf]


  • Making Friends: The Role of Assortative Interests and Capacity Constraints (with Isabel Melguizo-Lopez), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Forthcoming [pdf download]
  • Diverse Opinions and Obfuscation through Hard Evidence in Voting Environments (with Isabel Melguizo-Lopez), 2021 [pdf download]
  • Persuading with Constrained Commitment and Soft Information, 2022
  • Persuasion under “Aspect-Restricted” Experimentation, 2020 [pdf download]
  • Discrimination through Versioning with Advertising in Social NetworksEconomic Theory, 2019, 73:3, 525-564 [pdf download]
  • Versioning and Advertising in Social Networks: Uniform Distributions of Valuations, Economics Bulletin, 2019, 39,1: 480-494 [pdf download]
  • On Information Aggregation and Interim Efficiency in Networks, Games, 2017, 8 (1), 15 [pdf download]
  • Identifying Defectors in a Population with Short-Run Players (with Luciana Moscoso Boedo), Economics Bulletin, 2015, 35,2: 1392-1403 [pdf download]  
  • A Model of Belief Influence in Large Social NetworksEconomic Theory, 2015, 59: 21-59 [pdf download]
  • Information Acquisition Interactions in Two-Player Quadratic GamesInternational Journal of Game Theory, 2014, 43, 455-485 [pdf download]
  • A Note on Bargaining over Complementary Pieces of Information in Networks (with Kaniska Dam), Economics Bulletin, 2012, 32, 4: 3098-3110 [pdf download]
  • Dividend Paying Assets, the Unit Root Property, and Suboptimality (with Subir Chattopadhyay), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2009, 45, 3-4: 223-232 [pdf download]
  • A Model of Interim Information Sharing under Incomplete InformationInternational Journal of Game Theory, 2006, 34: 425-442 [pdf download]

WP versions and Unpublished papers

  • Evolution of Beliefs in Networks under Bayesian Updating, 2014, in Emile Borel and the Notion of Strategy: 90th Anniversary, El Colegio de Mexico Eds. [pdf download]
  • Anticipating Future Expected Utility and Coordination Motives in Information Decisions in Networks, 2012 [pdf download]
  • Strategic Interactions in Information Decisions with a Finite Set of Players, 2010, [pdf download]; revised version, 2011 [pdf download]
  • Strategic Information Acquisition in Networked Groups with “Informational Spillovers”, 2009, [pdf download]
  • Notes on the Suboptimality Result by J. D. Geanakoplos and H. M. Polemarchakis (1986)Estudios Economicos, 2007, 22, 1: 111-136 [pdf download]
  • The Unit Root Property when Markets Are Sequentially Incomplete (with Subir Chattopadhyay), 2004, [pdf download]
  • Notes on the Constrained Suboptimality Result by J. D. Geanakoplos and H. M. Polemarchakis (1986), 2003, [pdf download]