New:  Lecture Notes on Game Theory and Applications

Game Theory, Undergraduate

Semester: Spring;  Offered: 2021

Research Seminar, Undergraduate

Semester: Spring;  Offered: 2021

Information Transmission and Networks, Undergraduate & Graduate

Semester: Fall;  Offered: 2021

Intermediate Microeconomics, Graduate

Semester: Spring;  Offered: 2019

  • Syllabus (in Spanish)
  • Problems (in English)
  • Problem set I, problem set II, problem set III (in English)

Advanced Microeconomics, Undergraduate

Semester: Fall;  Offered: 2018

  • Syllabus (in Spanish)
  • Problem set I, problem set II, problem set III (in English)

Probability and Statistics, Graduate

Semester: Fall;  Offered: 2017